martes, junio 06, 2006

Happy Feet

Here you have a couple of videos of the new film of Waner Bros pictures, Happy feet, enjoy them!

I like the nice penguins xD

domingo, junio 04, 2006

[Meme]: When I was a child

Well i start my first Meme, that show me when I was a child, i´m not sure but maybe when i was 2 or 3 years old perhaps.

So the people that we have to continue with this Meme are: migue, javi, quique, reinamora, marguita, largo and all the people that read this Meme and want to continue it.

viernes, junio 02, 2006


I have a dream which doesnt let me sleep, but at the same time i what to sleep to think in my dream. You are a part of my dream, please come with me, dont left me alone because i cant live without you.

Which is your dream?