martes, octubre 24, 2006

Cuando todo se Para

Corres sin saber a donde, lo unico importante es que sabes que tienes que seguir corriendo, pero ¿Que pasa cuando todo se para?.

Has perdido el camino, no sabes donde estas, acabas deambulando por donde te hayas sin encontrar la salida.

Solo puedes seguir la luz

martes, octubre 17, 2006

Fresh News

Hi people, i was a lot of time without talk about Edinburgh, so now I have time to write and tell you about the place.

Well i was living in the campus in George Burnett Hall, room 110, (at the end of the corridor, so i´m alone there), i share kitchen with other 4 guys, Dave is from China, Nike is from England, Haamm (I don´t know how spell his name) and the Famous and Stupid Eminen (i dont know his name, and i want not) is from Pakistan.

In my room i have my own toilet, is similar a space capsule, i have a desk a little bed, two duvets (one is from Alvaro, but i dont give back him) xDDDDD a little wardrobe and shelves. And now i was decorated with a freepostal xD so sometime i was boring xDDDD

Edinburgh /Edinbrá/ its a beautiful place, where you can see a beautiful medieval buildings not very high. Every time that i have sometime to visit it i take the bus and i wait 30 minutes to arrived there and walk throught its street.

I was going to the beach (portobello) two times, and its so nice, the beach is a little dirty with seaweed and shell, but the sand is light brown and fine. The Water is not very cold, if you think that is near to North Pole.

mmm so i dont write any more by the moment, because in this phrases my English is so bad, and i suppose that i had a lot of mistake so i prefer that somebody correct me the text.

So kisses for all, i miss u and i hope to see you soon here :P

jueves, octubre 12, 2006


Son las 8 de la mañana aqui mas o menos, hace cosa de una media hora, nos han depertado a todos para hacer un simulacro de incendios. Todas las palabras sobran. Pero ayer la gente salió......

PD. Si mi pijama era hortera, ahora lo ha comprobado toda la residencia xD

jueves, octubre 05, 2006

Astrología Celta

Sep 24 a Oct 03 - Árbol de Avellanas
ÁRBOL DE AVELLANAS (lo Extraordinario) - Es una persona encantadora, no pide nada, muy comprensiva, sabe como impresionar a la gente, segura, mente abierta, positivista, activa en la lucha de causas sociales, popular, temperamental y amante caprichoso, sensual y excesivamente apasionado, bello, sensible, honesto y compañero tolerante, con un sentido de la justicia muy preciso.