jueves, agosto 17, 2006

My news receipe

Well, as you know, the next month I´m going to Edinburgh for one year with a Erasmus grant, so I need to learn cookering, I cook one dish every day in this month, and the meal is not very bad, but i need to learn news receipes.

I found an interesting web page sailing that has a lot of receipes, easy to cook and not very expensive, so I´ll show you the web page.

I hope it´ll be useful for you

If you know any receipe that want to teach me, please write it in the comentaries

martes, agosto 01, 2006


Actually, I am on holiday, so i can´t write in this blog because I havent got internet now a days, althought I'll try to connect to internet. I hope that your holidays be as good as mine at least.