viernes, septiembre 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to me xD

Yesterday was my 26 Birthday, so i went to the ikea to bought somethings for my kitchen to cook, and later i went to Asda to bought a big cake and a pair of velas to paid one wish.


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bonita_vino dijo...

Greeting from Malaysia!

happy birthday to you...
well....i love spanish language! How i wish i can speak spanish! i love it!

Javi dijo...

Mary, xDD I like so much this pair of "velas" (candles) BIG VELAS!!! xDDDD I am a bad spanish friend because I forgot your birthday yesterday :( (and speak an awful english), sorry!! Best wishes for this year and for all your life xDDD

Quique dijo...

Oh, it's so nice, very nice!!


Best wishes for you!!

I will pay a hustler to give you a little gift...

I'm only kidding!

Get Funny!


mara dijo...

thanks a lot of xDDDD

kisses for all, and you dont matter about your english javi, in my opinion is very good


hi bonita nice to meet you

Anónimo dijo...

Quilla! i´ve just arrived from mi trip trough japan. I forgot everything, everything, i´m really sorry for forgeting your birthday. Happy birthday y que cumplas munchos mas!!!!.
How´s everything going? in a few days or so i´ll write you an email about my trip. the only thing that i can say is that it has been the trip of my life, only 12 days, but the best 12 days i´ve ever had. kisses. Yoshi

mara dijo...

i´m so happy to read this, because i know that you need this trip, so you have to tell me all about your trip and show me the pictures.

Doesnt matter about forget my birthday.