viernes, abril 20, 2007

Fantastic "Indian" week in Heriot Watt

Well, here the things change like weeks, one week I am with one group and I do something and the next week is completely different. You never know what will happen in the afternoon when you ask to yourself in the morning.

Always you try to think, today I would like to go to the Center and maybe later I come back home and see a film, but and the end of the day you have done all the opposite things that you have been planned in the morning.

Well, I have been thinking about this all the time from October and I don´t know why, but it´s true.

I dont want to became tell you all my life here in only one time, but last week was really characteristic because It was the Indian Week. I´ll tell you.

I live in George Burnett Hall, It is a big 3 floor building, with almost 70 rooms per floor, each room has a own bathroom (or something similar) and a kitchen, which you have to share with 4 persons more, they are your kitchenmate. From the last month I have a new kitchenmate, well in fact, two news kitchenmate, and Indian girl, who name is Maomi (It is not really how it spell it, but It's quite difficult to memorise it), and her friend Dori (I prefer not to speak about this guy).

Maomi is very nice, a little dirty, I regret to say that I think that the Indian people have another concept about the clean than us, but I can understand and I respect, although we were in the edge to saw our kitchen close for a time (unnacepted condition). Anyway The time that I spent with foreing people is with this girl, and with the another guy, who works in the lab. This make me think about how I know about a different country, it's awful to think that I don't know anything about Indian, its language Indy, or its religion. So it is grateful to think that here I am having the oportunity to know it.

Here I know people of all the part of the world, my kitchenmate are nigerian, greek, Indian, "anonymous" and spanish, is a good mixed of countries and cultures, and leaving aside the question about the real situation in the world and why not? in Spain its a really good experience of my life.

Feeling proud about myself here.

Now it is time to apologise about my text, because my English go on in the same way that months ago although I tried to improve for the all the ways that I now, but this not mean that I am going to work without stopping until I get it.

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